In those days apptoko apk will use only ios mobile users and it is able to enjoy access to paid and premium content through Cydia for years. Android mobile users have never had that opportunity because their devices cannot be jailbroken. Now, we can use this app as another app store. Apptoko has been released for both ios and android mobile users.

apptoko apk download

Apptoko Download For Android

This app can provide fast access to all the content you could possibly want. This app is useful for android mobile users and this is a real bonus allowing them to see some of what jailbreaking has provided for the IOS users all these years. Also read about call of duty black ops zombies

How to Download The Apptoko App on Android

First of all, you can download the apptoko apk onto your computer.
Then unzip the file and save it on your device.
You will send the email containing the apk file.
After that, you can go to your mobile device access settings to security.
The option for the unknown source is a box then make sure that box is checked, in other words, you will click the unknown source option on your device.
If you are don’t do that before step then this apk will not installed on your device.
On your Android device open the email with the apk.
Download the apptoko app onto your device.
Then locate it and install it by tapping the file.

Features of apptoko apk:

Since this app is ideal for Android users as no jailbreak is needed.
It is simple to downloading process and using process.
High-speed downloads can be provided.
Fact access to all the selling themes, games, apps, comics, wallpapers and much more from the ios devices.
This app using simple to delete.
In this apk can only available in the Indonesian at the moment.